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Page Design and Compatibility

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These pages have been constructed according to the HTML 4.0 specification and using CSS, with the goal that they are viewable with any browser.

As you can see, I have tried to keep the site rather low on graphics and high on content, not forgetting usability.


This collection of jokes and images has been gathered from email sent to me over the past ten years or so. I am not the author of any of the jokes and pictures presented. A good portion of the material presented here is insulting, offending, and of mature, adult content. Parental control is strongly advised for minors.

Furthermore, I take no responsibility for any harm or mental stress or what ever might be caused directly or indirectly by these pages or the material presented. I support free speech on the internet, and I think you have the responsibility to decide what you (and your children) view and read, not me.


I have no rights of any kind to the jokes and pictures presented, and as far as I know and am concerned, it is all either in the public domain or freely distributable copyrighted material.

If you encounter content that is copyrighted, please do inform me so that I can either remove it or give the proper credit, which ever is appropriate in the case.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information you might reveal on this site (such as names and email addresses when forwarding a joke to a friend) will not be logged or disclosed to any third parties. Thus, the email addresses will not be used for unsolicited bulk emails, spamming, or anything such.

If you give your email address when sending feedback, it may, of course, be used for replying to you personally, but nothing else.

The visits to the site are logged for the purpose of generating visitor statistics, but no information that identifies a single visitor is gathered. Cookies are not used.

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