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Road Stripers

A blonde, a brunette, and a red head all tried out for the same job as road stripers. The boss told them they would all work for three days and whoever painted the most would get the job.

At the end of the first day the red head had painted 3 miles, the brunette had painted 2.5 miles, and the blonde had painted 10 miles. The boss was so exited he told her to keep it up and the job was hers.

The next day the red head painted 5 miles, the brunette 5.6 miles, and the blonde 4 miles. The boss told the blonde not to worry, you still have a good lead.

So, on the third day the red head had painted 6 miles, the brunette 5 miles, and the blonde only one mile. The boss was so disappointed, he asked the blonde, "What went wrong, you were doing so good?"

She said, "Well, that bucket of paint keeps getting further and further away."

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