A long time ago this used to be a regularly updated collection of jokes, funny stories, email forwards and humorous pictures. Since then, the world has changed, the site didn't keep up (it went about a decade without updates), and its relevance, if it had any, diminished.

Saving the site instead of nuking it entirely was a close call. Some heavy changes were required to keep it alive. (Indeed you may have ended up on this page because something you were looking for is no longer there. Sorry!)

In order to preserve what matters the most and where it all started - a bunch of jokes on a web page - this is what has changed:

  • No more pictures. There are plenty of better alternatives for funny pictures, with upload and social features.
  • No more direct email forwarding from the site. This is replaced by...
  • Social sharing. Use the social sharing links to share the jokes using your preferred service. You also still have the option of sending the link via your email.
  • Static web pages. 15-year-old homebrew PHP was getting pretty scary to maintain.
  • No link collections. It's so 90s.
  • English interface only. Anteeksi. Kaksikielisyydessä oli liikaa vaivaa.
  • Tagged content (tagging is a work-in-progress).
  • URIs based on joke titles. However cool URIs don't change. Almost all links should still work, although some (notably the pages for the images) redirect here.

Under Construction

Some things are still broken, in progress, or planned:

  • Formatting of some pages is broken.
  • The tags are shared between languages, so you'll get jokes in both languages.
  • Random jokes also include both languages.
  • Tagging of jokes is by no means complete.

Please don't hold your breath while waiting for these to get fixed.